What are you looking for in luxury vinyl flooring?

Covering your floors is a process that involves research, time, and the ability to adapt to different ideas, based upon your specific set of priorities. Luxury vinyl helps make that entire process much easier to navigate, especially if you are working with a trusted flooring company. For instance, if you have your heart set on the look and feel of real, all natural resources, but your budget simply won’t allow it, do you know what your next step should be? That’s not a question you have to answer alone, because we can help you find just what you need. Marsh's Carpet has always made 100% customer satisfaction their goal, and it shows. Not only do we have more than thirty years of experience in helping customers find exactly what they want and need, we provide the products and services to make it happen. We even offer free estimates carried out by a Marsh’s Carpet Inc. owner. No matter what your need is, we invite you to visit us at our showroom located in Sacramento, CA. A flooring specialist will be standing by to assist you with all your needs and answer any questions that you might have.

Luxury vinyl options and benefits

When it comes to luxury vinyl, you actually have quite a few options.

  • Luxury vinyl planks, also known as LVP
  • Luxury vinyl tiles, also known as LVT
  • A wide variety of styles, design and looks to suit any décor
  • Waterproof options
  • Various types of installation

The benefits of luxury vinyl, no matter which type you choose, are phenomenal. For those who place durability in first place, you won’t be disappointed. Thanks to ever-improving manufacturing techniques, and a great wear layer, your vinyl floors may last decades before ever needing any serious attention. Of course, the thickness of the wear layer has a lot to do with the overall durability, so make sure to choose accordingly.

Luxury vinyl is also an excellent choice for those who prefer the look of all natural resources, without paying the price for the real thing. You can be budget-conscious and still have a floor that mimics the look of solid hardwood, all natural rock and stone. The best part is that cleaning and maintaining these natural look floors is simple and easy. In fact, a broom and a mop are the only tools you’ll really need.

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