Hardwood flooring for the win

Some homeowners are loyal to one particular type of floor covering, and that is absolutely the case with carpet. Once you’ve had a sample of this luxurious soft surface flooring, it will likely leave you wanting more. And since technology and manufacturing processes are constantly changing and adding new features, it’s becoming a choice that more and more homeowners are turning to for their own floors. If you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing carpet in your own home, keep reading to find out why you should check it out. Marsh's Carpet is a family-owned business with more than thirty years of experience in the flooring industry. Since customer service is our primary concern, we will always go the extra mile, to make sure you have a floor covering that meets your needs. Find out just how we can serve you by stopping by our showroom in Sacramento, CA, where you can speak one on one with one of our flooring professionals. We look forward to serving you.

Choices in hardwood flooring

The great thing about hardwood flooring is that you can use it throughout your home. While it isn’t feasible to install solid wood in your basement or below ground spaces, you can still utilize engineered wood floors to keep the continuity flowing. Engineered flooring is still real wood flooring. However, it uses a wood veneer that is attached to a specialized backing and covered with a protective layer, for extended lifespan. One of the first choices you’ll be faced with is which wood species to select. Different species have different properties, and one is sure to be better than others, depending upon the traffic flow. For areas that have high levels of traffic, ask your flooring specialist about species that are hard and dense. For lower level traffic areas, you can safely select something that’s a little softer. Once your species has been chosen, you can start to consider what type of stain is best suited for that option. Some species hold a stain better than others, while some species have a beautiful color all their own. In those cases, you might just want to have a clear topcoat applied for the full effect. At this stage, you can also select a prestained product, or one that can have the stain applied at your location.

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